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ITNL-Detachering - User Interface / Senior Python Developer

  • FunctieUser Interface / Senior Python Developer
    LocatieRegio Amsterdam
    Periode2 - 3 maanden met mogelijke optie verlenging
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    User Interface / Senior Python Developer

    Uren per week : 40

    VOG overleggen na gunning

    Omschrijving van de opdracht : 

    Our client needs a User Interface (UI)  for an online platform that will perform data analytics, first using ABBYY via API calls and secondly via and Alteryx/Python (not yet decided which one)

    Our Client wants this UI to be able to load in excel/csv/txt files and show the user a preview of the files, while allowing the user to be able to select in dropdowns/ on the preview which fields are relevant for analysis.

    The final product is envisaged to contain the following components:

    - UI

    - Controller/bus: this is the scheduler/coordinating component, which needs to be able to pass on data from the UI to all subsequent modules and finally delivering the results back to the user via the UI. Since there are multiple components to connect with (validator, OCR, recon), each of which may have errors/issues, this component needs to be smart enough to schedule calls and handle exceptions that results from any of the other components, feeding that back to the user.

    - OCR: the ABBYY component that performs text recognition and PDF conversion

    - Recon: the python/alteryx component which does some predefined analysis on the final data

    - Validator: the python component that does initial checks on the data, cleans and converts data where possible and otherwise warns the user of data quality issues before the data is sent to the OCR/Recon modules

    - Working storage: storage for files in transit between components (if any)

    The main request is to build the UI component, and maybe discuss the possibility of doing the controller/bus.

    Providing some training on the job to the project members would be a plus.

    In terms of language, the preference is to use python where possible since a lot of the other components will likely be python however more important is that the styling/look and feel of the UI is consistent with the client’s  general style and also consistent with the UI from one of the other solutions.

    Reageren :

    Bent u geïnteresseerd, beschikbaar. Stuur dan per omgaande uw CV (in Engels) voorzien van korte, gerichte motivatie en vermelding te hanteren all-in uurtarief ex btw  naar ons toe. Indien reeds bekend ook uw vakantieplanning en /of verhinder data.

    N.B. : bij het ontvangen van uw reactie gaan we er vanuit dat uw aanbieding exclusief is.